Why Travel to Israel?

There is within me an earnest desire to know more about the land of Israel, its people and the terrain where the elemental events of my faith happened. There is a very real sense of importance to my future and to the future of Christianity in Israel. Such a small place on the earth that for thousands of years has captivated the attention of the world. Seldom does a day pass that there isn’t something about Israel in the news.

Jerusalem is critical to my own personal pilgrimage to Israel. All four Gospels recount the central event of the Christian faith, the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. The Bible evidences much interest and love for Jerusalem. In the book ofRevelation Jerusalem is again mentioned as an important part of God’s activity.

The positive impact that Israel and Jerusalem have on people encourages me to take others as often as possible. It is especially important to me to bring ministers to Israel. It changes the way they read the Bible and nourishes their ability to preach the Word of God.

In Revelation 21-22:5 we see a picture of the Lord reigning in a new Jerusalem. With all the chaos and confusion in the current Jerusalem, the New Jerusalem holds for us a powerful promise from the Lord Himself.

I love to travel to Israel, the land of the Bible.

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