The Lord is thinking about you right now
24/7 – Always – everything
Never far from His thoughts
Thinking about everything that concerns you

He has a plan for your life
Before you were thought about, before you were born
The Lord made a special plan, a good plan for your life
A plan with substance and Value-Jesus loves you

His thoughts toward you are thoughts for good
Not general thoughts about mankind
Thoughts specifically about you
He knows your name, He knows where you are, Jesus is with you

Jesus has plans to prosper you
Not in the future but right now
Where you are is where you are great
You are great because the Lord is with you and He is prospering you

The Lord thinks no evil towards you
An ex may wish ill for you, a former friend may seek your failure
A former employer or relative may be thinking evil thoughts towards you
Jesus never ever thinks ill of you, His every thought about you is positive and good

God will not abandon you
Hangers on might abandon you, parents, friends and others may run from you
The Lord has comfort for you, He brings you strength, He is merciful and mighty
His covenant with you is “I will not fail you or abandon you”

The Lord gives you hope, healing hope, loving hope
He will take away the pain of loss so we can anticipate better days
He will equip us, enable us, encourage us to anticipate the good coming our way
He is our hope; Jesus gives us a reason for living even when we lose

Jesus is our success
His formula for our success is that we meditate on the Word of God
Meditate day and night to observe His Word, to know Him
Do His Word, in obedience and surrender

He has good plans for you
Jesus sees your future and He says it is good
Bend the knee, be rich in good works, always ready to share
Be extravagantly GENEROUS, and others will see Jesus and His plans in you

Clay Corvin February 13, 2016

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