Tivoli and Ristorante Sibilla

Tivoli and Ristorante Sibilla

Tivoli is an ancient town in Lazio located about 30 kms. north-east of Rome.  It is the location for Villa d’Este and is a delightful day trip from Rome.  We traveled by metro to the bus station to Tivoli and it was only about an hour as we made good connections.  

One of the reasons for going to Tivoli is Ristorante Sibilla (La Sibilla di Tivoli).  It is one of the oldest restaurants in the world, it began in 1720 and it has been owned by the La Caita & Frittella families from the 1980’s, but the structure was originally put up in 1720.  Stunning. Exceptional.  Amazing panorama.  Really good food.  A family atmosphere.  It is located in the heart of Tivoli.  We walked through Tivoli and visited the ristorante for lunch.  Great meal.


2015-09-29 11.46.07

back streets of Tivoli


Eating outdoors on the patio


2015-09-29 14.05.45

archaeological site within the restaurant

2015-09-29 11.48.58 HDR

Clay as we began our walk through Tivoli

2015-09-29 11.46.35

Carla & Jimmy

2015-09-29 14.05.15 2015-09-29 14.06.01 2015-09-29 11.45.59

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