I spent today
Thinking of Christ
Grateful for His presence
Thank you for you grace

This trip to Rome
Has helped me see
The lost you love
And the need for Thee

Thank you for the good weather
It’s made walking easier
Helping us see Rome
Giving us a sense of the past
Healing our hearts as we missed home

Christian’s through the ages
Reaching out to us
There are no grandchildren
On heaven’s bus
It’s all of Christ

I saw the ancients caring
Enough to die for me
All their faithful testimony
Reached America for me
And told of Jesus love

Thinking of Jesus
What a world He has
A place I have worth
As I follow and tell of Christ’s birth
And life and resurrection that sets man free

Clay Corvin 03/22/04

Menorah in the Arch of Titus in the Forum


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