SMALL GROUP TRIP TO ISRAEL – MAY 17, 2016 – MAY 28, 2016

SMALL GROUP TRIP TO ISRAEL – MAY 17, 2016 – MAY 28, 2016

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MAY 17-28, 2016
TU-May 17
Well I must say that today was eventful in two ways I didn’t foresee. One very negative and one very positive.

Negative-Delta decided today that since there was 8 hours between our arrival at JFK and takeoff for TLV so they only gave us a boarding pass to JFK. At JFK we had to pick up our luggage and check in at the counter upstairs and then go thru security again. Not fun but one does what one must do. We hit a traffic seam and were able to pick up luggage, check in and navigate security in about 1 hr. The wait for the luggage was the most time. Done. Moving on.

Positive-ran into Charmaine Neville at the airport. Amazing woman. We visited with her in New Orleans, on the plane and in JFK. We were able to help her get her luggage and off to connect with United. We had a great time with her. She shared some about her early years. Great stories. Anyway she wants us to reconnect when we get back and we will. She was headed to Brussels to sing for 10 days then on to somewhere else. She will be out much of the summer singing on tour then back home. Fun. Special.

Every trip has its own flavor. This is beginning with new things unexpectedly. That’s good.

Dennis is stressing over their airport arrivals for the dig. Everything is changing. Jim is working on stuff for the dig. They are really poised for a great year at Gezer.

We will board our flight to Tel Aviv about 10:30pm and depart JFK about midnight. We should be there about 5pm their time which is 9am CDT. (8hours later)

We’ll pick up our van and head to Neve Ilan. We will base our day trips out of Neve Ilan for 4 days then transition to Maagan, Sea of Galilee 2 days then 4 days in Jerusalem.


My heart is right oh Lord
My heart is right
I have an excitement in my soul
This journey is meant to be

I’ve thought it through
I’ve prayed it through
Prepared, details
All I’ve done points to success

I don’t know
What I don’t know
But I’m ready to learn
Fear has no place in my heart

Journey proud today
I’m on the way
Obstacles rearing their head
You oh Lord have ordained my trip

I pray You remove all stops
No more gotchas
Be still my heart
Lord prepare me

I am yours
Fill my heart with YOUR thoughts
Make me a usable vessel
Equip me with eyes to see

Your Word oh Lord guides me
It speaks life, discovery, strength
Be my guide as I go
You Lord are my protection.

Clay Corvin 4/24/16


Life is lived moment by moment
One moment strong
One moment weak
Too quick we lose our vigor
Too quick we give up

A moment to fail – don’t give up
A moment to succeed – be careful
Many lead lives of quiet desperation
Medicate it and we become an addict
Ignore it and it will gain the power to control

In youth we look pretty
Bones heal, injuries fix
Good as new we walk and run
Under the sun we age every day
One day we cannot run – walking is a chore

Our minds throw us off
They don’t see the aging
They don’t feel the waning strength
Until one day we are surprised
Life isn’t easy anymore – every day a chore

What can we do in a moment?
What can change in our situation?
Rejoice in the day!
Claim the joys of a life well lived!
Bend the knee to Jesus – let Him guide you

The competition isn’t between us
We are called to help and encourage
The value is in us – not what we do but what we are
Jesus our Creator calls us into service
People need the Lord – we are His hands and feet

A life well lived is our goal – Jesus changes everything
A life devoted to Him brings personal joy
What we give away cannot be stolen
Jesus is the reason we can seize the day
Life is lived moment by moment

Clay Corvin 5/7/16

It’s a long way from New Orleans to Israel. I like the trip-today 9 1/2 hrs from JFK. Lots of reading. Some napping. A lot of time to think about friends and to pray.
I am praying for safety of our trip. The traffic is challenging at best and the best is only occasionally. Stan will be doing most of our driving and he does good.
Time is the great challenge. So much to see and so little time.
Our daily junkets will be fast, lots of discussion as we ride from site to site and based on interest a lot of selection during the day.
Our first four nights will be at Neve Ilan in the Judean Hills. I think we are only 10 miles to downtown Jerusalem. It’s a beautiful suburban location with craggy, rocky hills all around.
We are 50 minutes out from Tel Aviv.
I’m thinking about our summer. The traveling will be over after the SBC in St LOUIS until the end of October.
I want to grow closer to the Lord. I want to change. It’s so important that we listen to the Lord and how he wants us to minister. At this stage of my life there is the thought sometimes to recline on the sidelines. Lord help me to stay active at the pursuit of the list. There are so many all around us. People need the Lord. I want to keep a daily commitment to be a witness. Jesus is Lord. Lord I believe with all my heart that everyone needs you. Lord help my unbelief.
Excited! Every trip I have taken to Israel since the first one in 1983 has been a blessing to me. I pray Lord that you will help me to be a blessing to the men that will travel with me on this Pilgrimage.
The Lord is good. He seeks to put good in our life. Praise the Lord.
Psalm 115:11-12 All who fear the Lord, trust the Lord, he is your helper and your shield.
The Lord remembers us and will bless us.
It’s 4:35pm Israel time and we are ready to land. 75 and scattered clouds. The sun is out and everything looks beautiful.

We landed, got our cars, went by SI Espresso, Neve Shalom and then up to Neve Ilan for the next 4 nights.
Tsvika Tsuk met us for dinner. Excellent meal. I’m shot. Heading to the room for the night.


Mid-sixties when we got up. Very beautiful day ahead of us.

First funny incident-got in the elevator with a man and three women. He made a to do about the weight on the elevator-maybe too much. I ignored him. We got to the lobby floor I stepped off and mr in charge pushed the button to hold the elevator when in actuality it was the close door button and the door immediately closed and too the man and three women up to the third floor. I waited for them to come back and held the door when it stopped. He sheepishly thanked me and they all got off with their luggage. Can’t make this stuff up.

First stop today is Gezer. Dr Parker is hurrying to a meeting there so we breezed right by SI Espresso. Be still my heart.
We were the first to arrive at the meeting at Gezer I thought but then Dennis and Dan walked out from behind a gate and Tsvika had been and gone and returned about 15 minutes later. They did their business, we toured Gezer and loaded the van and set out for Ashqelon. Lots of different ways to spell that ancient Philistine city.
Ashqelon is a coastal city on the Mediterranean 31 miles south of Tel Aviv. In the course of its history, it has been ruled by the Ancient Egyptians, the Philistines, the Israelites, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Phoenicians, the Hasmoneans, the Romans, the Persians, and the Arabs. We visited the ancient mud brick gates, and drove the site. We also visited the beach. Today every one was properly clothed. This ancient city site occupies about 250 acres.
Old Man and the Sea was our next stop for lunch. Excellent!
Already we were running out of time. We drove to Latrun and visited Si Espresso and the just a short way to Emmaus. We visited the site and sat in the shade in their outside chapel and studied Luke 1:1-5.
We got back to the hotel at 4:45 just in time to rest and have dinner.

Quick night. We plan to leave at 7:30am in the morning and visit Bathabara, Qumran, Masada, and Beersheva.
FR. 5/20/16

We ate breakfast early at Neve Ilan. It got very chilly last night. I don’t think I moved all night.
Typical breakfast-exceptionally good. I did eat a bite of cheesecake in Brian’s honor giving full credit to him for my breakfast. They had the 8 types of cheese out and I did appropriate homage to them. All in all a very good breakfast. If you are willing to stand in line they also have egg omelets to order.
I did make coffee in the room so when I got to breakfast at 6:30am I had already had my coffee.
We left Neve Ilan at 7:20 and drove directly to the Dead Sea. It’s Friday morning and traffic was very light. Moslems worship on Fridays and many Israelis take FR & SA (Shabbat) for their weekend. Everything closes early today so at the Dead Sea we filled up with diesel.
Our first stop was at the Baptismal site across from Bethabara where John was baptizing. This is in the wilderness along the Jordan. The Israelis are cleaning the area removing more that 25,000 land mines so all of the ancient churches can be accessed. The Parks Authority has done a great job in cleaning and fixing up the baptismal site. We are very early and there is no one here except us and the army guards. They are there to keep people from crossing the border illegally. We looked, took pics, Jim shared some with us and then we moved on.
Kalia Beach was next. The guys took a dip in the Dead Sea. I waited at the car. Generally Gilla gets us in for free and that is a good deed for the entrance fee is about $12 each. I elected to read and relax. Cool breeze makes it comfortable. That is very unusual at the Dead Sea but it will get into the 90’s here today.

I was thinking as we drove down the ancient activities in this area. Jesus certainly walked the area we descend from Jerusalem. Of course the Jericho road detours down Wadi Qelt so after that we are on new ground. But as we arrived at Bethbara all around us is the wilderness, just across the way is Jericho and the Mt of Temptation. Great stories here with great meaning for us. One thought for sure is that in Christ we are never alone. He stays closer than a brother. He is with us not because of what we do but because of who we belong to. Praise the Lord. Praise him in my heartache, and temptation. Praise Him as I rejoice on a beautiful day. Praise him on the rainy day. Everyone everywhere and in all circumstances praise the Lord. He is good and He loves me and you.
Qumran was our next stop. Jim Parker led us through the site. I love the short movie of the site and enjoyed the visit. Some good pics of the Dead Sea and the roadway below.
On the drive to Masada we passed the En Gedi reserve and the guesthouse. I’ve stayed here many times but not in the last 12 years. We arrived at Masada about 11:30am. We are making good enough time to get to Beersheva before they close.
We are 20 minutes from Beersheva so hopefully we will make it before closing.
Beersheva was closed but Achmed let us in for 20 min which was enough time to visit Abraham’s well and the ancient mud-brick city.
We left Beersheva about 3:45 and went straight to Lachish.
Lachish was a Judean city destroyed by Sennacherib during the time of Hezekiah in 2 Kings 18. We know exactly how Lachish was defeated as the Sennacherib wall relief from his palace in Nineveh hangs in the British Museum and details the battle. Of course the Lord defeats the Assyrians before they can lay siege to Jerusalem.
Now we continue our northern trek and travel past Bet Guvrin and Mareshah to the Elah Valley where David fought Goliath. We take a few minutes to gather 5 smooth stones and review the story of David and Goliath and then proceed to Tel Qeiyafah- the town of two gates. This is an Israelite city at the time of Saul and may have been the place where David tried on Saul’s armor and decided to use his sling to defeat Goliath. The site sits immediately above the location for David and Goliath’s confrontation.
Stan has driven us all day. We have traveled many kms. And he has handled the driving admirably.
We are heading back to Neve Ilan and stopped at Tel Bet Shemesh for a few moments. This is Samson and Delilah country and the little town of Zoar was just over the hill. Our final stop of the day was SI Espresso at Latrun. It was a great end to an excellent day.
We got back to Neve Ilan at 7:05 pm. A long touring day.
We had our Shabbat meal with a dining room filled with people celebrating with their families.

Great day.
Shabbat shalom from Israel.

SA. – 5/21/16
I like our Israel Pilgrimages because they highlight our relationship with the Lord.
We are studying Luke this trip. Jim has gotten us thru John the Baptist’s birth. It’s rich. It calls me to think critically about what I do each day and how I see the Lord’s activity in my life. Jesus is with each one of us and the Lord is serious about his commitment to us. Thank you Lord.

We met Tsvika at a SI Espresso outside of Tel Aviv. He will be with us all day.
Our first stop is Caesarea. We began at the theater and moved through the site. The surf was up and was throwing water across the break. Interesting new finds were on display in the 2nd Harbor Museum. Tsvika is a repository of a vast amount of information. He does a very good job of detailing the history.
The weather was really nice.
We ran into some of the folks we met from New Orleans (Don & Teresa) who flew with us and were doing a Tauck Tour of Israel. Nice folks.
We did watch the movie of the history of Caesarea. It is excellent.
We had to hustle from Caesarea to Acco for a 1:00 pm restaurant reservation at Uri Buri. We went through Haifa and the tunnels and the new road.
Acco is another favorite place and we went around to the Crusader Walls and parked in front of Uri Buri in a reserved spot. Grateful we had the parking space as the wall area was packed with folks relaxing on Shabbat.
Our lunch was superb. We had many different fish as there were many small plates that we shared. A very good meal.
Zippori National Park was our afternoon stop. Tsvika led us through the governor’s house which is the location of the Mona Lisa of the Galilee and many more mosaics. The group climbed to the top of the Crusader fortress. Tsvika took us through the Nile mosaics, the Cardo and the Decumanus Maximus. We then traveled across the site to the water system.
This completed our touring day but we had a two hour drive back to Neve Ilan. We got back about 7:45pm. Another long day but absolutely outstanding. We traveled north and south on the Ancient Via Maris. It was great traveling thru the countryside.

Quick dinner at Neve Ilan and time to pack and sleep. Breakfast in the morning at 6:30am and off to the north at 7:30am. We have an appointment at Ginosar for the Jesus boat-the small one. We will also travel up to the Golan.

Nothing will be impossible for God. Luke 1:37
SU- 5/22/16
Early departure from Neve Ilan traveling to the Galilee.
We traveled the ancient Via Maris and took the Iron Pass into the Jezreel. This was the same pass that Tutmose III used when he came and conquered Megiddo. Allenby also came this way when he fought the Turks at Megiddo.
The drive continued through the Jezreel to Bet Shean and north to Maagan where we put our luggage in their care and immediately went to Ginosar to go on the Sea of Galilee in a Jesus boat. This is a boat that is essentially the same as the boats at the time of Jesus. David Smadar was the boat captain and was very helpful with info about the Sea of Galilee. The boat was run by electric power and had a tiller. Authentic. Jim Parker led our devotional. The atmosphere was perfect for beautiful pictures.
After we completed our sailing on the Sea of Galilee we visited the Ancient Boat at Nof Ginosar.
Back on the road we drove to Koah Junction above Hazor for lunch at the Aroma coffee. Great sandwiches and salads plus superb coffee.
Our journey continued north to Tel Dan where we visited the Abraham Gate-a 3,500 year old mud brick gate at the ancient city of Dan.
Caesarea Philippi was our next stop. Jim Parker took everyone up to the site and discussed Mt 16:13 and following dealing with Peter’s Confession.
We had a 2:30 appointment with Ilan Schulman for
Jeeps on the Golan. We spent 2 hours with him and went all through their part of the Golan. At the overlook of Syria Ilan explained the current situation as we listened to the shelling over in Syria. What a mess the have in Syria.
Ilan told us about Merom Golan Kibbutz what they farmed, manufactured and produced. They have 1,400 cattle, many large orchards, mfg. jet plane engine parts, grow broccoli and other winter crops in the summer and many other things. A very diversified conglomerate.
Well we had a full day. We had been going since before six so we decided to go down the mountain range and go straight to Decks, a very good local restaurant. We got there about 5:45pm and had a great meal. On the way to Maagan we were stopped in Tiberias by a festival at the cemetery that had the city locked down. We had to go thru Poriya to get back down to Maagan. The trip was 8 miles and going thru Poriya made it 15 miles. But we made it back, checked in at Maagan and are ready to crash.
More tomorrow.
MO – 5/23/16

Beautiful day. The Sea of Galilee is gorgeous. Breakfast and on the road to Kursi by 8am.
Very nice drive to Kursi. We visited the basilica, discussed the Biblical backgrounds, took pictures, Jim visited the underground graves and took a picture for us and off we go to our next site – Bethsaida.
Bethsaida is one of the three cities that Jesus curses-woe unto you Bethsaida. It is a well developed site and we enjoyed the walk thru and the Bible discussions.
The group that is doing archaeological work at this site has begun the dig season. They were doing their morning organizational meeting as we arrived. We quietly moved by them to the southern edge of the site overlooking the Jordan where we discussed the historical activies.
Next stop was the Jordan River overshadowed by the tel. Bethsaida is outside of the Jordan Delta now but at the time of Jesus it was much closer.
We moved on and stopped at the bridge to look at the Jordan River again.
We then went on up the hill and by Chorazin and Vared Hagalil to the Mount of Beatitudes. Good visit.
Jim did the Biblical reading and devotional right in front of the building.
We were glad we had Gilla as she averted a couple of traveling issues before they were issues. She is a delight. I learn stuff from her every time we get together.
We left Mt of the Beatitudes and drove back to Chorazin. Really good Biblical site. Discussions about Jesus comments, curses of Chorazin. We visited the synagogue and returned to the van.
Capernaum, the town of Jesus was our next stop. This is a big site with the white synagogue called the synagogue of Jesus, but it is built later than Jesus’ time over the synagogue of Jesus. Additionally there is the house of Peter, an interesting church, insula, carved stones and an excellent olive press. Actually even more stuff than I’ve listed and it is all interesting. Site devotional. Discussions. Off to lunch.
We had St Peter’s Fish at St Peter’s Restaurant. Okay.
We finished our touring day with two more stops:
The Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and fishes-beautiful mosaics
The Primacy of Peter (Jn 21) Jesus met the disciples on the Seashore and reclaimed Peter. Excellent chi ch with the table of Christ.
Two ideas from today:
Nothing is impossible with God
God’s activities change things

Tomorrow we travel post haste to Jerusalem.

Have a great day. Ours has been outstanding and yours will be too.
TU – 5/24/16
Maagan and the Sea of Galilee were in our rear view mirror by 8:00pm. A quick stop at the Aroma Espresso Bar and off we go south to Jerusalem. We are going up to Jerusalem.
We made one stop about half way to Jerusalem at a CafeCafe and then completed our trip to Jerusalem about 10am. Jim Parker parked the car in the Dan garage and joined us in the van.
It rained on us some of the way to Jerusalem.
Traffic was typically very difficult but we finally made it to the Mount of Olives. We took lots of pictures. Jim Parker did some historical sketching. Then the rain returned so we drove over to the Aroma on Mt Scopus at Hebrew University to have lunch. Good lunch. I love their Tuna Salad.
This trip I’ve mostly had as my coffee drink cold Americanos. Excellent taste and perfect when you are sweaty.
Stan is doing a marvelous job of getting us from point to point. He took us to St Peter in Gallicantu from the Aroma on Mt Scopus. That alone is a feat of daring but he got us there in one piece. Traffic is a real challenge. I’m very serious. It is a challenge. He and Jim Parker both do a good job driving us in Israel.
We began our tour of St Peter in Gallicantu at the overlook. You get an amazing view of the southern walls of the Old City, the City of David, Silwan (Biblical Siloam), the Kidron Valley, the Hinnom Valley and the Church of the Field of Blood. Then we walked up to the Church and visited the Roman Stepped Way and the portico where Jesus would have been beaten and tried by the religious leaders. Horrible things done there and Peter denied him there.
Stan took us up the hill, thank you, and we continued our tour walking to the Upper Room. It didn’t have a lot of people. We took pictures, Jim and Gilla shared and we moved on toward the Jewish Quarter.
It wasn’t a long walk from the Upper Room thru the Zion Gate and across the Jewish Quarter to Shorashim to visit Moshe and Dov. Moshe was off so we visited with Dov a few minutes and moved on toward the Holy Sepulcher. We stopped at the Judgment Gate in the Russian Orthodox Church. It is very near the Holy Sepulcher.
The visit to the Holy Sepulcher included all of the sites and a group singing. Very touching.
A few minutes of shopping. Then the group came by the Mamilla Mall Aroma and got me and we headed over to Gethsemane.
Another good visit.
We are all very tired and it’s after 5pm. We turned left from Gethsemane and stopped at the place you can pull off the road. We crossed the street and took pictures of the Kidron Valley and all of the stuff there. Tombs, structures and the walkways. Interesting.
We continued back to the Dan Panorama slowly. So much traffic. It took us about 30minutes to get through.
We checked in, put our stuff in the room and went down for dinner at 6:30.
Very good, exhausting day.
More tomorrow.


We began our pilgrimage on TU 5/17. It seemed as though we had lots of time to do everything we wanted to do. In fact we have been pressed everyday to get all that we wanted to that day done. We’ve had several 12 hour travel days and yesterday I think we all hit the wall and just slowed down. Oh yesterday was full but we didn’t run at it we just smoothly went thru the day. Now our traveling partners will be leaving out in the morning. Stan and I will spend much of the day tomorrow at the Gezer Dig site mostly trying to stay out of folks way. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making some new friends.
Today was a very good day. One of my favorite days of every trip. We spent the day in the Old City. But let me begin.
We are at the Dan Panorama. I’ve stayed here so many years that the folks treat me like family. It was good to see everyone. Breakfast is one of their many specialities. They have something you will love including eggs to order, honey dripping from the comb, 5 kinds of yogurt, a half dozen kinds of cheese, and at least 5 types of fruit peeled and/or cut. Juices, breads, sweet breads, espresso and on and on. Just good. Their beds sleep real good also.
Jim Parker transferred back to the dig this morning. Stan dropped off Tom and Phil at the Herod Gate and they went down to the Pool of Bethesda then met Stan at the Lions’ Gate (2 Lions over the gate-also known as the Sheep Gate or St. Stephen’s Gate.). They then went to The Gezer dig and spent the day out there. Stan said they had lunch at Latrun and got back about 4pm.
Herb went with me and Gilla. Stan dropped us off at the Dung Gate. We visited the Western Wall first. I always find this experience very moving. It is not Scriptural at all but it is a location where the light and life of Israel has burned brightly. As noted in the Old Testament in Zechariah 8:5 the city streets will be filled with boys and girls playing. Today as we made our way to the Western Wall the plaza was filled with school children. Young boys and girls were taking surveys asking what the Western Wall meant to us. I was touched as I thought of this prophecy. Every time I walk thru Hurva Square I come face to face with God’s prophecy. The only way Israel lives is because of the Lord God, the Living Lord exploding into our day and time in Israel and especially in Jerusalem.
Our visit complete at the Western Wall we moved on to the Temple Mount. I could spend a lengthy time assailing all that is here but I won’t. We toured the Temple Mount, taking pics, discussing history and the buildings on the site. We walked all of the Temple Mount and exited by the Lions’ Gate where I walked out and took pictures.
Our next stop would be Saint Anne’s Church. It is a Roman Catholic Church that is located at the beginning of the Via Dolorosa near the Lions’ Gate. Next to the church are the two pools of Bethesda. The actual church was built in about 1138AD near the remains of a Byzantine Basilica over a grotto believed to be the home of Anna & Joachim the parents of Mary the mother of Jesus (Tradition.) The acoustics in the church make a perfect echo. Groups sing in the church and the sound is often very stirring.
Outside of the church is the Pool of Bethesda where In John 5 we hear about the healing by Jesus of a paralytic. The site is much different than it would have been in Jesus’ time. We read the Scripture passage.
We began our walk on the Via Dolorosa. We would only go to the Austrian Hospice where we would turn right on Al Wad and go north out of the Old City but I will get back to that after a moment.
We discussed the Stations of the Cross as we walked to Ecce Homo the words used by Pontius Pilate (behold the man) in the Vulgate translation of John 19:5, when he presents Jesus (who has been scourged and had a crown of thorns shoved down on his head) to a hostile crowd shortly before the crucifixion. We went down to the original pavement. Moving.
The Austrian Hospice was next. It is a very relaxing place for a break. Hot tea, coffee, soda water and apple strudel. Good break. Quiet, cool courtyard. Superb! A beautiful old Austrian mansion converted to a guesthouse.
We were now going north out of the Old City. Under Ariel Sharon’s house and on up to the Damascus Gate (the gate beautiful). Pictures. Then we crossed the street and up a block to the Garden Tomb.
An excellent visit to the beautiful, scenic Garden Tomb bedecked in flowers. We shared greetings with Sammy-he said hi to pastor Mel.
We toured the Garden area and the tomb and back to the Old City going in the Damascus Gate and up by the Holy Sepulcher and then up to the Jaffa Gate. We had a late lunch at Nofoura on Latin Patriarchate Street. Wow. Great lunch-outstanding hummus and huge Greek salads.
It was nearly 3PM so we caught a cab and back to the Dan. Quick rest, and dinner with Gilla and Neil. Time for bed already. Early day. We take Our friends to the airport and then to Gezer.
Blessings from Jerusalem.

1 Chron 4:10 And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, “Oh that Thou wouldest bless me indeed and enlarge my borders, and that Thine hand might be with me and that Thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me!” And God granted him that which he requested.

Well it was an excellent email. Please keep in mind that the vision creates the future and I’m believing your future will be bright and significant. I think between the two of us you can accomplish most of what you are purposing for your tour in India.
We can lay out specifics soon but I am glad you are developing your plan. It makes good sense.
Let’s see what we can do and if you will need to do some.
I am praying that the Lord will bless the activities of your hands and your heart and that He will constantly be enlarging your work.

We’ve had a great trip. Stan and I are eating dinner with some folks from the Dan.
The dig at Gezer is going very well. It was in the 90’s today and half a day was plenty for me. I did those kinds of things in the 1990’s but I’ll pass now. Great young people at the dig. Gary Meyers is the best. Glad to see Sarah and Autumn there. Autumn is exceptional. She does very good work and will make a mark for herself. She said the dig was to expand her horizons but that she isn’t an archaeologist.
The young man from the registry office-Paul’s assistant whose name escapes me is doing a good job there. Parker-Cole-Warner have done an outstanding job putting this program together. Jim has recruited Liberty University to join us.
You got more than asked for. Hope your day is good and no more Saturday classes.
I’m talking with Rick this summer trying to define the next 10 years. I know, beyond 3 is a crap shoot but I have so many more things to do I want to reach out for the best.
This has become rambling.
Best to you.
This Israel trip may be the best yet. It went entirely too fast. I’m ready to start over again.
TH, FR, SA- 5/26-28/16
Three days in one- our pilgrimage ended so quick.
TH- took three of our folks to the airport at 7am-Stan drove swiftly and we made it a little after 8am. After dropping them off we had an appointment at SI Espresso at Latrun for a cold Americano and then quickly drove over to Gezer.
We took pictures of everyone and had a very good visit at the dig site. The crew of 38 that they have there is superb and they are making great strides in the work this year. (If Jim finds the ark all of our lives will go in the history books.) it was good to see everyone. They are doing a great work. Pray for them over the next two weeks.
We ate lunch at SI Espresso. Two cold Americanos. Excellent.
We got back to the Dan at 2pm. Stan has us in Timeline that tracks everywhere we are minute by minute.
I puttered around in the room and went to the lounge. I read and took a 1 hour nap. Stan walked all over the new city-about 5 miles I think.
At 6:30 we met a friend and went to his house for dinner.
I’ve never been on the Mount of Olives at night. Very nice. Children, little children, everywhere. Most of these folks are Israeli citizens. Lots of fun. We got in about 10pm. Read and to bed.
FR morning I slept until 8am. Breakfast and then Stan and I went to the Israeli museum with Gilla. They had a new exhibit-Pharaoh in Canaan- just superb. Enjoyed it. Enjoyed the exhibit.
We met Neil, Gilla’s husband at Ima’s at 1pm. Good Israeli meal.
Back to the Dan at 2:30. Took a nap and Stan walked the city again. We packed and visited with Ibrahim until he closed at 6pm. Dinner at 6:30. Loaded the van at 7:15pm and arrived at the rental return at 8pm. Turned the van in and by 8:30 were waiting to go thru security. We were at the lounge by 9:15pm and are getting ready to go to gate C7 to board the plane. I will have to change from JFK to LaGuardia and prayerfully hope to be in New Orleans by noon.
Bless you
The May Pilgrimage was a great success. Many wonderful memories.


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