The world denies sin
Too often we live with our sin
Hiding it away
Fooling everyone but God
God calls sin evil
He loves us but hates sin

Sin will not slip away
It stays around clinging to our weakness
Sin is pervasive and seeks to destroy
Don’t let it fool you
It isn’t your friend
It wants to kill you

When we play with fire
Eventually we get burned
Just like a glowing ember sin is ready to burn
Give it a chance and it will break your heart
Wanting to erase any good you have done
Sin seeks the upper hand

Turn to God
Follow His guidance
Confess your sin to Him and turn away from it
Let Christ forgive you and heal you
The ravages of sin are rooted deep in our soul
The forgiveness of God roots out sin and reclaims our life

Clay Corvin -March 13, 2012


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