Walking Santa Fe at 7,000 feet, Touching the clouds
Seeing feet–cracked boots, sandals, moccasins, slip-ons and on
Trails turned to streets-people wrapped in wool
Early morning isn’t summer here

I like the brown earthen wrapped buildings
Imagining people since 1607 walking with me
Dreams, objectives, and human emotions
Their persistence created what I see

Thousands of feet above sea level, a different world from mine
Looking off the edge of the world
Surrounded by lavender mountains waiting for the sun
I think those thoughts of solitude, I’m a long way from home

A town built of layers, multi-cultural, friendly, inclusive
All brown around me and blue skies above me with angry afternoon clouds
I feel welcomed, encouraged, historic, important
The whispering wind reminds me of the human experience, much harder than mine

A peace in the air, quiet and equipping
I walk and walk, every street down town
The Palace of the Governors here since 1610
“The City Different” personally welcomes me

I cross the Santa Fe Trail, 870 miles from Franklin, MO
When the Comanches controlled southern New Mexico
Supplies and their life blood flowed this highway
Now it’s a beautiful street that covers its worth

Challenges, hardship, harsh winters
All part of the city’s layers-they survived
Now this beautiful town presents itself gently, quietly
I love it, I walk it, I dream about it, yes, it is part of me

Santa Fe such a warm, colorful and friendly place
Thank you for your openness-I will return again some day

Clay Corvin, July 31, 2019

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