Traveling to Rome
Where Paul and Peter lived
Standing up to wealth
And the evil the world gives

Never disenfranchised
By lack of funds or friends
Spent their time with Jesus
And the people Christ sent

They sowed into heaven
Knowing God’s truth
Jesus is the answer
To all of life’s reproof

I want to see those places
Where angels guarded Paul
See the Roman prison
Where Rome began its fall

Revel in His presence
Jesus Christ with me
He and I together
Seeing history unfold

Walking through those places
He wrote to all about
Looking at the reason
Christ caused Paul to shout

Evil all around them
Satan had his fling
But Paul was calmly serving
Christ would never leave

Fill my heart with joy
Guard my soul with peace
This journey is for wisdom
I pray for our belief

CC 1/1/05

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