Istanbul, Topkapi, and Hagia Sophia

Istanbul, Topkapi,and Hagia Sophia


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These pictures are from the Topkopi Palace overlooking Istanbul.   Note the mixture of old and new.  It was really impressive.

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On to Hagia Sophia.  The masterfully constructed cathedral that stood for over 1,000 years unmatched by any other architectural structure.  It was dedicated to Holy Wisdom.

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The entrance area has a lot of history lying around.  Note the stones from the original structure in the picture below right.

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Justinian built the massive Hagia Sophia utilizing Roman techniques and technology that defied builders for hundreds of years.  The building became a Holy symbol in the Eastern Church.

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The maintenance of the Hagia Sophia has always cost vast sums.  Even today you can witness the huge maintenance projects going on in the building.

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When we got through the tour of the building, several folks had to sit and rest.

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