A New Testament scholar
Able to share God’s word
In an humble, understandable way

Nothing ordinary about him
Creativity is his strength
Using it for service
In his life Christ is king

Caring for his students
Training them for Jesus work
A Godly friend and servant
Christ is all to him

He is the Lord’s workman
Exemplifying Jesus
Giving of his life
Each day proclaiming Christ

Many years of preaching
About our risen Lord
Living life with Jesus
Strong in the Lord

Clay Corvin 3/22/04


A gentle man
Hardworking and faithful
True in all his ways
Living for Jesus every day

And committed
Open to the Lord
Always following Jesus
Listening to Christ

Obedient to Christ’s call
Serving with his all
Equipping those God calls
Refusing to fall

Careful as he teaches
Sharing God’s Word
A wise and able servant
His life is committed to Christ

Clay Corvin 3/22/04


Archie is amazing
Solid in his faith
Able in his views
To communicate Christ to you

Swigging diet colas
Expounding God’s word
He lives Jesus purpose
So Christ can be heard

Humble with his wisdom
Straight from God’s heart
Faithful to God’s work
Unbowed by the world’s hurt

A wise and helpful teacher
Tireless and true
Energetic teaching Jesus
So students will know too

A faithful man with family
Careful in his work
He is Jesus follower
Who lives out Jesus word

Clay Corvin 3/22/04


Bill Warren is a servant
A man who walks with God
Focusing his life on Jesus

He loves his students
Seeking to empower them
So they can develop
The gift God’s given them

Unassuming scholar
Courageous in times of trial
Walking humbly with Jesus
Confident in the Lord

A kind and devoted parent
Who dearly loves his wife
A gentle man of service
Who never brings strife

A learner of significance
Who is never confused
He loves Jesus
And shares him with you

Clay Corvin 3/22/04


A Godly woman
Wise beyond her years
Kind and easygoing
Laughter is her gift

Energetic and hardworking
Strong in her faith
Unwilling to be second rate
Or take the easy way

Loves the Lord Jesus
Works for Jesus’ cause
Open to be His witness
Faithful to her call

A loving, gently parent
Godly, faithful wife
Margie is a blessing
As she serves Jesus Christ

Clay Corvin 3/22/04


If you ever need a kind word
Joe Cummins is the man
He loves Jesus
He will give a helping hand

He loves to talk of Jesus
He works hard each day
Always with a smile on
And a gentle, kind way

Joe is always welcome
By those he knows
Because he mirrors Jesus
Even when struggling with woes

A faithful, godly layman
Devoted to family and friends
Serving and caring
Jesus loves him

Clay Corvin 3/22/04


A man who loves Jesus
Faithful to his wife
Raising a Godly family
Always sharing Jesus Christ

Gentle, with great wisdom
Peaceful in his ways
But a tiger in court
Justice will be served

A tireless man of wisdom
Exemplifying Christ
As he serves in his business
And in his daily life

He is a friend to Baptists’
And a friend to all who hurt
Don Richard serves Jesus
In all of his life’s work

Clay Corvin 3/22/04

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