Archie has a great mind
His devotional explored time
And the way God sifts men’s designs

We walked into time
Reached out to see
What the Romans did
And it affected me

Along the way we talked
Many thoughts
Our steps tracked through tears
Of slaves and burdened years

How do I fit?
In God’s kingdom work
What can I change?
That will glorify God’s name

Sad that Nero
Is remembered so long
I still felt the evil
That impacted the catacombs

We don’t have the names
Christians glorified Christ
God’s book has those names
And they won’t be forgot

When we get to heaven
There will be no Nero’s there
If our name is in His book
Christ will remember us

Each thing that we’ve done
Nothing hidden from the Son
The reward will be great
Time will be undone

Christ will take you on a stroll
And your feet won’t hurt
We will see His forum
Where we’ve been written up

I won’t forget this Sunday
It is etched in my mind
And Christ won’t forget me
Beyond the end of time

Clay Corvin 3/21/04

Piazza Navona

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