Asking things from God
Do not belittle us
But encourages
Reminding who is in control

Asking deepens our awareness
Of who God is
And what God sees
Encouraging us of Christ’s care

Laying out before Him
Our needs and plans
Helps us focus
On the things the Lord demands

Obedience is better than sacrifice
Listen as Christ gives
The things we get are burdens
Responsibilities to be met

Much can be learned
From the struggles of the poor
Many trust in Jesus
Even though they are poor

Life is more than mammon
Leave success at the door
Our Father loves completely
All have gifts galore

I am marked and unique
Tomorrow never comes
Today is when I serve Christ
The victory is already won

Now is when God hears me
Stop and speak your heart
Jesus offers comfort
Now is the time to start

Go to God with pleading
Ask for all you think
Our journey is majestic
The Lord is pleased to speak

11/20/03 CC

Jail at Philippi

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