A Cruise on the Bosphorus

A Cruise on the Bosphorus

We had already spent all morning walking and looking.  Now we were driving from Istanbul to near where the Black Sea and the Bosphorus Straits meet.   The traffic was unbelievable.  A two lane road through a multiplicity of picturesque small villages filled with traffic both ways.

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We crossed a small square near the restaurant where we would have lunch.

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The Captain’s Terrace Restaurant was our destination.  We were by a window upstairs.  We could see the Bosphorus traffic and the local harbor activity.   The food was good.  We had grilled brim.  A friend of mine in Jackson, MS would have enjoyed the meal.  I had no trouble with the fish since many years ago he had shown me how to eat brim.  Thanks.

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The cruise on the Bosphorus was relaxing and beautiful.  It was gorgeous!

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The trip was chilly but we fought the cold with hot apple tea and coffee.   Wow is that memorable.

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Extremely beautiful houses on the European side coast line.

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When you go to Istanbul, be sure you take a cruise on the Bosphorus.



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