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The Great Theater at Ephesus is one of the best preserved constructions in Ephesus.  It’s reconstruction was begun by Nero in the first century AD.  The last building alterations were made by Emperor Trajanus in 117 AD.  The theater had a capacity of 25,000.  There were 22 flights of stairs.  We climbed all of them and it is along way to the top.  It sure seemed like more than 22.

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The Great Theater is located at the eastern end of Harbor Street.   The first theater was constructed during Hellenistic times.  This theater was reconstructed by the Romans between the period of 41-117 AD.  Paul’s run in with the Demetrius and the Silversmiths took place in this theater while it was under reconstruction.

ephesusstadium3koc.jpg (24201 bytes)Our guide, Mehmet Koc was exceptionally knowledgable about the city of Ephesus.  He went into great detail about the theater, events in ancient times that took place there and updated us on the current uses of the stadium.  This is a majestic stadium.  The pictures do not do it or the setting justice.

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We took group shots all over Turkey.  This was one of the better group pictures that we took.  All of those in the picture know who you are.

ephesusstadium5.jpg (28954 bytes)Don was walking down from the top.  We actually spent time going from top to bottom and side to side.  The stage is impressive.  It was expanded by the Romans from Hellenistic times.  When you stand at the top, the connection with the stage is still good.  Remember that they didn’t have sound equipment in Roman times and everyone still heard what was going on on the stage.  Impressive!

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