Dennis waiting at the gate
We arrived on time
Pretty weather
Athens was new

The trip to town was slow
The scenery and greenery
Traffic and streets
We were in Athens, Greece

Christiana met us
Crisp and kind
Waiting to share
Her city and mind

Smiling people
Strolling throngs
Ancient shadows
Holding on

Roads designed to disappear
Vendors on the move
It feels wealthy and poor
Nationalism at the door

Street cafes
Beckon with their smells
Lining storied streets
Thinkers knew well

It started here
What I am
The way I think
The life I live

Words defining
Who we are
Listing life
In thought and song

Acropolis guarding
Athenian homes
Sundown and lighted now
Evokes in me wide-eyed stares

My words to you
Help you feel
The scenes I see
Athens is real

Hear me
Hear my joy
Excitement expressed
Our first day in Athens

11/20/03 CC

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